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Hello Community,

I need the filter options of a customer portal page within regular sections. I need to hide the advanced filter menu from the section filtering menu.

Do you have any idea of how to do so?


Thank you in advance, have a nice day! 

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In the replaced BaseSectionV2 module you need to:


1) define the GetExtendedFilterConfig PTP message with the subscribe direction:

"GetExtendedFilterConfig": {
					mode: this.Terrasoft.MessageMode.PTP,
					direction: this.Terrasoft.MessageDirectionType.SUBSCRIBE

2)  subscribe to the message:

subscribeSandboxEvents: function () {
					const quickFilterModuleId = this.getQuickFilterModuleId();
					this.sandbox.subscribe("GetExtendedFilterConfig", this.onGetCustomFilterConfig,
						this, [quickFilterModuleId]);

3) in the onGetCustomFilterConfig method handler disable the advanced filtering:

onGetCustomFilterConfig: function() {
				return {
						hasExtendedMode: false

An example of the code used in the portal can be found in the BaseDataView module.


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