How do I control the columns that are displayed after clicking the 'merge' button during duplicate search for the Lead Object

Hello, I'm trying to control the columns that are displayed in the 'Merge Duplicates' window at the Lead Object level.

For Example, in the attached screenshot, the lead score is calculated automatically in run time based on column values and it doesn't matter what the user chooses on the UI ('55' or '63' see: below screenshot). With that said, How do I remove the 'Lead Score' column from the 'merge duplicates' window and for future reference how can I control what columns are being displayed here?

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Hello Vishal, 


The column will be displayed in the "Merge duplicates" window,  as soon as there is a conflict between values of this column in the records you are about to merge.

More detailed information can be found in the corresponding article:…


However, there are a few exceptions:
- column is included in the list of ignored columns - Creatio will not duplicate identical communication options, addresses, and noteworthy events. It's a base logic of a system which is specified in system's code;
- it's empty;
- it's a system column. 


Columns from your screenshot is not included in the exceptions list, there is a conflict between them, the system doesn't know which value to choose for the resulting records: 55 or 63, therefore the user action is needed and this column cannot be skipped from the Merge duplicates window. 

Should you have additional questions, please let us know.
Best regards,

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