How to create dashboard filters?

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I want to show the filter field always like this, do you guys have any solution?

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Regarding your first filter on the picture - once filter for Class of Business is added to the section, the assigned value would be fixed despite of jumping to other sections in Creatio, since it is stored in SysProfileData table.    

In order to add your second quick filter to the [Premium Register] section, you should create a replacing schema of the [Premium Register] section and add your quick filter which will filter records by Policy Number.  

You can find useful information regarding adding quick filters to the section on this link…


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Tetiana Bakai

Tetiana Bakai,


do you have idea for quick filter for string type?

Fransetya Alfi Syahrin,


Please provide the business task that is followed by creating such a functionality? To activate a string type filter two buttons should be pressed:


1) "Filter" context menu

2) "Add filter" button


Also why can't you create a dynamic folder in case you need to access some filtered data on a regular basis?


If you need to develop such functionality you need to look at the showSimpleFilterEdit function and its call in the CustomFilterViewModelV2. We don't have a ready solution and you need to develop it on your own.


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