How to convert the collection of records to list of contacts?


I read collection of records using this script:

var entities = Get>("ReadDataUserTask2.ResultCompositeObjectList");

I want to loop through this list and set parameter with type contact to each object of the list.

The collection of records is a list of opportunityContact.

I tried converting each ICompositeObject to opportunityContact using this script:

foreach (var entity in entities)



    OpportunityContact contactInOpp = (OpportunityContact)entity;


but OpportunityContact is not a known object.

How do I access the types of the tables (no need to add data to DB or search just get the type in order to convert)?




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Hi Chani,


Here is a working example of two cases: set the string parameter value from the process that reads the collection and also modify contacts massively in the script task based on the received collection.


Here is the screenshot of the main process:

and the screenshot of the sub-process:

The idea of the sub-process is to read the collection of 4 records and their emails, Ids and Names if to be more specific. Then the read values are passed to the main process as a collection and go to the main process parameters (see that the "OutputParameters" parameter has the value of "[#SubProcess that will read all the needed data from Contacts 1.OutputRecordCollection#]").


The script task itself calls the ProcessContactNames method that is specified in the main process "Methods" tab:

The listing of the code is below:

public void ProcessContactNames() {
	string result = "";
	var contactsList = Get<ICompositeObjectList<ICompositeObject>>("OutputParameters");
	foreach (ICompositeObject item in contactsList) {
				item.TryGetValue<string>("FullNameParameter", out string ContactName);
				item.TryGetValue<string>("EmailParameter", out string ContactEmail);
				item.TryGetValue<Guid>("IdParameter", out Guid ContactId);
				result = result + " " + ContactName + " " + ContactEmail + ", ";
				ContactName = "Oscar Dylan from process";
					var contactSchema = UserConnection.EntitySchemaManager.GetInstanceByName("Contact");
					var entity = contactSchema.CreateEntity(UserConnection);
						entity.FetchFromDB("Id", ContactId);
						entity.SetColumnValue("Name", ContactName);
Set<string>("StringParameter", result);

Also add the following usings to your main process:


The idea here is to pass the collection of records from the "OutputParameters" main process parameter, process each record in the foreach cycle, compose the result string that then will be displayed on the autogenerated page to check if the process worked and also find each contact by its Id that was passed from the collection and set the name column value for each contact as "Oscar Dylan from process".


As a result the process worked perfectly:

and contact names were modified:

Please analyze the process and use the same approach on your side.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thank you. 

Will try that.

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