Heads up for community admins, email notifications are not working

Hello community admins. 

Currently, the community website is not able to send email notifications. Any reply will show the following:

Also, you cannot add images. No errors in the console, when you add the image it just does nothing.


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Hello Ryan,

I couldn't reproduce both issues. Please tell us more about them:

1. To what Community members did you try to send emails?

2. What was the format of the image file you tried to add? Also, did you try adding it to the comment or post itself?

Irina Lazorenko,

The issue seemed to resolve itself after a few days. For a while, it would give the message about not sending emails whenever you replied to a post. I tried adding png and jpg images, both failed.

It is all working now, so the issue apparently worked itself out after a few days.


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