getActions not working

Hi community


I tried to customize the edit page actions following this article Add an action to the record page | Creatio Academy.

t the bindTo for caption, enable and tag property doesn't work

What Am I doing wrong ?


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Hi Stefano,


Most probably, the issue happens because you d didn’t add the code to this schema that checks if these actions are enabled. 


There are actually two places you need to add this. Once to the section page and once to the edit page for the section. An edit page can be seen in two different modes, (1) edit mode (where you're only displaying the edit page, this is what you're getting when you refresh the page while in edit mode) and (2) combined mode, this is actually the section page, where it displays the context of the section list you were on with the edit page on the side. 

With this in mind, you need to add the action menu in both the edit page and the section page for it to appear in both modes.

Best regards,

Thank you Bogdan,

I solved with your help.

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