Error on Compilation

I'm getting an error popup window on the first compilation for a new application. The error is states that 1 error occurred, and to view the application logs. However, none of the logs states that any error occurred. Has anyone had this problem before?

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Vladimir Sokolov,

Thanks Vladimir,

I found more detail in the "Build" log, and as you pointed out it was a dotnet cli error. I updated the framework and dotnet core and it worked correctly!



I got the same error on my first compilation - I am unsure where to check the logs.  I followed the links above and installed but still getting the comp error.  Can some point me in the right direction please?



Logs are located in temp files. Usually it is windows -> temp -> bpmonline. There will be folder with IIS application name that stores 2 folders - application logs and IIS logs. You shoyld check both to find the source of this issue. 

Vladimir Sokolov,


Still i am facing compilation issue after updating .Net framework also.In log files still showing .Net cli error. i was cross checked my windows update as well as installed sdk and developer pack. kindly help me to fix these issue. Thanks in advance


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