difference between lookup default values

hi all ,

 i need to know the difference between lookup default values 

  • Current user
  • Contact of the current user
  • Account of the current user


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Dear Ibrahim, 

Current user pulls information from SysAdminUnit object regarding the user you are currently logged with into the website. 

Contact of the current user pulls information about the contact connected to your SysAdminUnit

Account of the current user gets information about Account specified in the Contact object connected to your SysAdminUnit. 

Kind regards,

Dear Ibrahim, 


1.- Current user is a User connected to a Creatio Instance


2.- In Creatio a user is connected to a contact, so "Contact of the current" is the contact you have connected with the "current user"

3.- Account of the current user is the account where the contact yuo get on the 2nd point belongs.


Best regards


Julio Falcón

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