Delete more than limit 20000 records

My customer imported 100,000 records and realized something wrong with the data. He want to delete all of them. But the delete action only allows maximum 20,000 records (for more than 20,000 records, the action is just failed silently, I have to inspect into the request list to see the response error). Now it's a show-stopper issue as customer cannot work around the issue. There is no way to filter under 20,000 records as the data is blank. There is no option to filter only the first 20,000 records. 

I understand the performance implication behind the scene. But is there any way to overcome this issue? Like automatically split the selection into batches? 

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Such limitations can be changed directly in web.config files of the application. However, we'd not recommend applying changes to this value, as it may affect the system performance. 

The most appropriate way here is to delete records partially. To do so, you may apply the needed filter conditions. 

I don't say about changing the value. I'm saying about the user experience. Limiting the number of records per batch is required to maintain the system performance, but in the other view, you have to overcome the limitation by changing the user experience. As I suggested, you can delete records in batch in the background instead of forcing user to select under the limit. As in my case, the user has no way to apply any filter condition to reduce the number of records returned (as all fields are empty, the names are the same for every imported record).

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