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How can I change the text format to Caps by default for some fields in a Page?

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If you need to actually store the values in the database as uppercase, you could wire up a change event for the fields, and then use toUpperCase and put back the uppercase value into the field. See here if you need help with wiring up the change event:…

If you only need to display the value as uppercase (and not necessarily stored this way), then you could add CSS to the page to uppercase the fields. You could use text-transform:uppercase fo the fields in question. See here if you need help with adding the CSS to the page:…

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Hello Fernando,

There is also another way to achieve this task. Here is a screenshot of a process that will modify the text that you put into a string field using this formula value in "Modify "Recipient's name"" element: [#Read contact.First item of resulting collection.Recipient's name#].ToUpper().

This process will be triggered upon record adding to "Contacts" section and also when updating "Recipient's name" field in existing contact. As a result everything typed there will be updated to upper case. The only one minus of this solution is in fact that you need to refresh the page (F5) or close and open this record once changes are saved. You can use this free marketplace app so to refresh the page without full refreshing (F5) or reopening the record

Method proposed by Ryan is more elegant and accurate in my opinion but in case you don't want additional development to be used you can use the business process from my screenshot.

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Thanks Ryan & Oscar for your comments!!

Basically we need to force to the user to use the UPPERCASE for text Fields. (Display & Store).

I will take a look on this options and I will send my comments if I find a suitable solution.

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