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There is any way to change the lookup search for detect substrings? In this case we want to see all the projects with "developpement" and "Développement" as well.


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Hello Federico,


you can achieve something very similar if you write in the search bar "veloppement", or "%veloppement%" . In both cases it will be looking for that substring, no matter what letters are before or later, and if it finds a result, it will show it. You can even do searches like this "%veloppement%2022%" and the system will search for all results that at some point have the substring veloppement and later, no matter where, have "2022". The % sign basically lets the system know that we do not care what is between those substrings, so the system will search for all results where those substrings are in that order.


But with out of the box functionality it would be not possible to change the lookup search functionality for specific lookups. That would be possible to achieve writing custom code and unfortunately at the moment we do not have a ready solution for that, as this is something really specific.


I'll create a request for the R&D department so they take into consideration the need of implementing a functionality that lets the users customize the lookup search engine.


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+ 1 to have this functionality implemented OOTB - big limitation in French also in global search. Customers often type with or without accents when searching in French

Hello Damien,


thank you for your feedback. We will take it into account for further releases.


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