Add photo via Browser (as opposed to via App)

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I have a case where customer will be using tablets to fill in fields on certains pages.

In some records he will need to attach photos to those records.

In order to avoid double parametrization (browser and app) as these pages will also need to be available via browser, I was thinking of doing everything(data insertion and photo attachment) via Browser


I know it is fairly simple to add a photo to a record using mobile app like described here:…

Any ideas on how to achieve this but bypassing the mobile app and using the device (tablet in this case) camera?




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Dear Luis,


Creatio application does not support mobile and tablet browsers - it may start working differently (for example some pages will not be loaded or data will be missing) due to the specification of the environment. It is not recommended in general to use Creatio on mobile tools outside of the mobile application. 


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Hi Angela,


This is really not the answer I was expecting. But the problem is with all the browsers in all tablets?

Has this changed recently?

If I go to the creatio website, right on the 1st page there is a clear reference to the website working in a tablet on a responsive website:

It is important to get this clear, can you be more specific and let me know what features/sections will not work?


For our project we will use a custom section and the users in the tablet will only use that one custom section. Do you think it is ok in that setup?





Luis Tinoco Azevedo,

The screenshot is just an example - Creatio should be used via a mobile app on both tablets and mobile phones. Otherwise, some functionality may not work as it was not tested on mobile browsers. 


Best regards,

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