Modify validation message set thru Object permission

How to modify a validation message set thru the object permission with the custom one?

I want to replace the usual message

"You do not have permission to add an entry in the "<>" table"


"You do not have permission to add a file in this tab"

Like 0



It's not possible since this message is returned by the GetCanEdit method from RightsService class from this part of code:


if (isNew) {
				bool canAppend = (rightLevels &amp; SchemaOperationRightLevels.CanAppend) == SchemaOperationRightLevels.CanAppend;
				return rightsHelper.GetCanAppendSchemaOperationRight(schemaName)
					? string.Empty
					: (canAppend
						? string.Format(new LocalizableString("Terrasoft.Core", "Entity.Exception.NoRightFor.Insert"), schema.Caption.Value)
						: string.Format(new LocalizableString("Terrasoft.Core", "LicHelper.Exception.LicenceNotFound")));

And the string is formed using the core entity exception.

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