Inbuilt monitoring and logging of API requests

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Logging of incoming and outgoing API requests via Custom configuration services in Creatio is a very typical use case wherever system integration is in the picture. Logging the absolute URI, request/response body, response status code, any custom headers added to the request are standard in any enterprise system. 

I could not see any utilities or out of the box features to help log these requests. This is right now done by maintaining custom tables in the DB and logging any incoming or outgoing requests through custom logic.


The following features would help - 

  1. Logging inbuilt into the WebService element. It would help to have all outgoing requests using WebService elements be auto logged in the data base and be available for quick reference on the UI. An additional idea could be enabling a 'manual retry' option from the UI for use cases where an outgoing request failed  even after N number of configured retries.
  2. Utility or helper Classes on the server side which assist in tracking outgoing or incoming requests in the data base. A UI view of these logged requests could also help. Right now, we have to use 3rd party logging solutions like Loggly and write custom logic to maintain these logs.



Our R&D team has a problem registered on this topic on their side so to enable easy logging setup in the application UI for custom web-services and this problem is in the "Accepted" status so we can expect this logic implementation in one of the nearest releases. I will also let them know about this community idea so to speed up the problem solution.


Thank you for reporting this issue to us and helping us to make the application better!


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Oscar Dylan,

Thank you Oscar.

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