Add external assemblies to bpm'online

  1. Add your *.dll file to configuration on "External assemblies" tab (for example barcode.dll):

  2. Get Namespace of your *.dll file.

    a) You can find it in documentation to library;

    b) If you don't have documentation you can use ildasm.exe (IL Disassembler). This tool is automatically installed with Visual Studio. To run the tool, use the Developer Command Prompt (or the Visual Studio Command Prompt in Windows 7). For more information, see Command Prompts.


  3. Add using to your schema

    a) For source code:

    b) For Business process:

  4. Now you can use methods from library in your code. 


    Example for barcode.dll

    string temp = BarcodeConverter128.StringToBarcode("Test string");


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I tried to do so with a library I uploaded and I'm getting the following compilation errors on the script


The type or namespace name 'PdfApi' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)




Raz Guille Rosman,



Please share the process schema and with the library you've uploaded.


Thank you in advance!


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Hi Oscar,


I attached  a screen shot of the process and a link to the library


This is the code inside the script task:

PdfApi api = new PdfApi("11d276990520041f6cda09531e25aabb", "9568f0a0-cf77-4836-97d2-fd1389338080");

return true;

Raz Guille Rosman,


Hello Raz,


Thank you for providing the dll file!


The namespace of the file is no Aspose.PDF, but Aspose.Pdf:

And even after applying a correct namespace name this error comes up:

And indeed I couldn't locate the type or namespace with such a name in the dll. Please contact the developer of this library and ask him\her how to correctly call the method you need.


Best regards.


Thank you, I'll check it out.

It's a library I downloaded from Aspose website

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