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New Clio release version extends clone-env operation for simple copy your packages from one environment to another. It can be used when you want to try your code on the new version of Creatio platform or check compatibility with another products.


To clone all packages from maintainer(s), run the following command.


clio clone-env --maintainer ATF --source SOURCE_ENV --target TARGET_ENV


If you want to try a new release of Creatio, use the exclude-maintainer argument to exclude all OOTB Creatio packages.


clio clone-env --exclude-maintainer Creatio,Terrasoft --source SOURCE_ENV --target TARGET_ENV


P.S In the future, we plan to release ability transfer features and settings between environments and transfer data sets.

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We run code on our leads page that when the page is saved with required fields that aren't populated we have pop-ups to prompt the user to collect the data in sequence. The sequence in which these pop-ups happen appears to be based on the business rules of the page... How do we update the order of the business rules (to force an order update of which fields get marked as required, and in turn the pop-up sequence)?


Thank you for any insight.

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Good day!

Would it be possible for You to provide us with the code You are attempting to run along with the screenshots of the pop-ups that You end up seeing?

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Hello, We've followed the steps here https://academy.creatio.com/docs/8.x/no-code-customization/customizatio… to create a Freedom UI page for an existing object (Leads) and can view the Freedom UI in the web interface, however we do not see the option to enable the Freedom UI for this section in the Mobile Application Wizard. There should be a checkbox next to the Leads section to enable the freedom UI but we do not see it. How do we do this?


Thank you,


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Good afternoon!

To do this, you need to enable the "UseMobileFlutterFirst" feature here:




Hi Anton, thank you for the reply. I enabled "UseMobileFlutterFirst" as you described but I still do not see the checkbox to enable freedomUI in the mobile app wizard for our leads section. Is there anything else I need to do?


Also, it looks like you posted an image but it didn't load for me in case that included an additional step.



Eric Curran,

Please contact technical support at support@creatio.com

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I am applying a complex filter to a page using the "Apply filter by page data" option.  I set up two parameter filters, but they are logically connected by an AND condition.  Is there a way to construct these filters allowing for complex structures?

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Please provide examples of how you implement filters.

In the List Settings below, I need the results from more than one filter condition, more than just Account.ID=Opportunity.Account. 

Adding a second filter is possible, but the two filters are intrinsically connected by an AND operator, and there is no obvious way to specify a complex filter here.

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I am in SaveRecordRequest handler and I need to  get the changed field in page before saving the record, How can I know this?



Rakshith Dheer

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As I get from your request - your main goal is to update the data in detail. To do so, you should call the LoadDataRequest for dataSourceName of this detail (or for a separate field of the object):

request: "crt.SaveRecordRequest",
handler: async (request, next) => {
	await next?.handle(request);
	const gridDetailDataSourceName = request.$context.getBoundDataSourceNameByAttributePath("GridDetail_pds6xcv");
	await request.$context.executeRequest({
		$context: request.$context,
		"dataSourceName": gridDetailDataSourceName,
		"config": {
			"loadType": "reload",
			"useLastLoadParameters": true


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