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         How can I attach params with "throw signal" in business process? Because I catch this signal, I want some params with it.



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As for now, there is no such functionality. I will forward your case to the developer team and suggest them to implement this functionality.

Try using Sub Process, then you can pass param

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When using Throw signal, there is no way to specify the record Id the signal is associated with.  What record Id is sent in the signal? How do you make sure that it is the record Id that you need to send?

For example, the process below does not provide a record Id with the signal.

Throw Signal










Catch Signal












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A subprocess works, but I'm trying to limit the processes running on the server, so, I want to hand off the processing and not keep the parent process running.

If you need to use signals and reduce the number of processes running in your system you need to use event sub-process in your process and as a result complete several tasks in terms of one process. You can read more about event sub-process element here.

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