I am trying to use Azure Active Directory as IDP SSO Provider and I have extended the user schema in Azure to track different custom attributes per user. These attributes get passed as claims in the SAML token. As part of JIT, I am now trying to map these claims/attributes from the SAML token directly to attributes of the contact as described in the article https://academy.creatio.com/documents/administration/7-15/setting-just-time-user-provisioning. The problem is while configuring the lookup "SAML field name converters to contact field name", under the column "Contact field name", I am unable to view the custom fields that I added to the Contact object. The field selection dropdown does't show the custom ones that I added. How do I resolve this?

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Please compile all items in configuration and clear cache and cookies. After that you should be able to choose your custom column in a lookup. 

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