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Here is our scenario, we want to send sms to customer, this is sms will contain download link of printable. Is it possible to generate a download link for printable?


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Hello Fulgen,

To create a report you need to trigger CreateReportsList Report service via link http://bpmonline_site_name/0/rest/ReportService/CreateReportsList where recordIDs and templateId parameters should be transferred. This service generates reports and there is no way for an unauthorised system users to trigger this service (your clients that receive SMS should be authorised to bpm'online application so to trigger this service).

There is no way to insert a link to a printable in our system, but you can create some 3rd party service that will store all printables (ftp storage for example) and you can add the link to those files in this storage to a body of SMS and achieve your task like that.

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