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I'm creating a custom DCM lifecycle in the leads section that includes three stages- Qualification, Prospects & Opportunity. The Lead Stage lookup also holds only these three values, however, the "Lead stage" column that is displayed in the Leads section includes a graphical representation (A bar) that consists of 5 stages (or small bars). How do I get rid of it, or how do I make it display only 3 bars that correspond to specific stages?

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Dear Vishal,

The number of stages can only be changed with the help of development tools.

More details you can find here

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You can have these stages be whatever you want.  I just changed ours to be only three. You first need to change the lookup called "Lead stage".  Then from the lead section to go view and change section cases.  The case section is where you change the stages you want.  You will refer each stage to the stages you defined in the lookup.  From here you can also auto add tasks, email, etc. for each stage.  For example, I have an email go out for every new lead that comes in for the group that needs to review these lead.  Every stage section can be updated like this as we have these stages as well for our opportunities and accounts as well that I have adjusted.

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