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At difference with "LDAP synchronization interval, hours" that indicates is on hours or "Webhooks synchronization interval, min" minutes, the "Mailbox synchronization interval (MailboxSyncInterval)" didn't indicates if the sync value is hours or minutes, also on documentation just "LDAP synchronization interval" is documented,

Also there no reference to "Mailbox synchronization interval" on Creatio documentation on

Somebody knows if the value here is hours or minutes?

Thanks in advance

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This interval is stored in minutes. Please note that this system setting will not be applied for existing mailboxes - you need to add them again to apply this setting.

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Angela Reyes,

thanks Angela, we have configured, by default 1, I understand minute, but it doesn't works. You indicate me if I change this setting I must to delete the current mailboxes and add it again to recognize the new setting, this is no logic, are you sure?

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Yes, system setting will work only for new mailboxes. Old mailboxes cannot be affected by it. 

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