Can I use SSO for the creatio self-service or customer portal if the portal users are going to be internal employees?

I am using Azure Active Directory as SSO provider for my main creatio application. Can I maintain portal users too on the same SSO provider and use it for the portal too for single sign on and use just-in-time provisioning to automatically allocate licenses?

Thanks for all the help...

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Dear Amanthena,

As for now SSO can be used only for system users or only for portal users, not both. You can disable SSO for system users and use it only for portal users, then you can use JIT to create them. As for now we only have in plans to implement functionality which will allow all users to use SSO and JIT.

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Dean Parrett,

Thanks for your reply, Dean! Can I have two separate SSO providers for example, 2 Azure Active Directory instances, one each for System users and portal users and configure SSO for both independently?

Dear Amanthena,

No, that would not be possible at this version of the application.


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