Hello Community, 

I need to change the Page Header of a Document Record from "New Record" to something else (say "Summary").


The displayed value is currently set to the "Number" field in Documents. But for the records that I am trying to change this header caption for, the "Number" field will be empty. Hence, I had tried to put a constant value to the "Number" field through advanced settings. 

I have also tried to modify PageHeaderTemplate localizable string from the DocumentPageV2 schema, but none of these changes seem to be working. 

Could anyone guide me on how this can be achieved?

Note: I am trying to implement this change only for records that are already existing in the system and not when creating any new records.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Rahul,


This header displays the value for the column that is selected as a "Displayed value" for the object that is used for the section (in our case it's the "Number" column):

So you need to select another field value of which will be displayed in the page header.


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