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Is there a way to run Blu-Green/Hot deployments for Creatio in Production for  functionality updates and product upgrades especially when zero downtime is a critical need for the business?


How is this handled on the SaaS cloud maintained by Creatio? How is it handled on-premise?


Thanks in advance for all the help...

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Hello Amanthena,


The process you describe can be achieved using the following sequence of actions (if we are talking about the on-site application):


1) You need to deploy the main application IIS (and binary files) and Database using one set of IP addresses (one network)

2) You need to deploy the secondary application IIS (and binary files) and Database using another set of IP addresses (another network (or sub-network in terms of your main corporate network))

3) Once you need to update the application between versions you need to:

3.1) Copy all the database content from the step 1 to the database from the step 2

3.2) Copy all the binary files from step 1 to the binary files from step 2

4) In your DNS server you need to modify the A record for the application URL so to point all users who try to login to the app to the IIS server from step 2.

5) Once the update between versions is completed you need to turn off the redirect from step 4. And once it is done you need to either manually or using some stored procedure to find all the data that is present in the secondary database and insert it to the main database.


As a result there will be 0 down time and also all the data will be saved. If we are discussing cloud-based application - there should be a custom scenario developed by our cloud services department and you need to approach your manager so to discuss this question.


Best regards,


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