Hi, Hope someone could help me.

I have created a business process and it runs from the Requests section. In this, the process is sending the request for approval (the person seeking the approval manually selects the approver). In case of a positive result, the process will be terminated. In cases of a negative result, the person approving the request fills out the rejection reason using Open Edit Page to display the original record in the context of the user seek the approval with "Recommendation for filling in the page" containing the reasons for denial. "Once the original user makes changes to the record it is resubmitted for approval. The cycle continues for no more than three iterations. If the approval is not granted after three attempts, the process terminates. Can anyone please guide me on this. 

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Hi Nagamani,

We've created a similar process with the logic you've described.

Please find all the screenshots of the business process in this archive.

In case if you need a more thorough analysis of the process you've created, please create a request to creatio@support.com.

Thank you! 

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