Hi Team,

How to configure control element binded to some text type field (non-lookup field) to works similar to drop-down list ?

What i would like to achive:
When user typing customer name system should check existing customers from Account object and suggest choose one of they from drop-down list.

In case when typed customer name wasn't chosen from suggested list or wasn't find system should keep typed value on field (not cleaned it after  changing focus or saving as is functionality of lookup field). 

I would like to implement this functionality on Lead mini-page in creation mode on Account field and Contact field.



Marcin Kott

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Dear Marcin,

Unfortunately, we do not have any ready examples of the required functionality. However, there is the “To” field in the “Email” tab from Actions Dashboard https://prnt.sc/qon7l5 . This field has the “text” type, can be filled from the lookup and is not cleaned after changing focus. Please take a closer look at this field.

The field is located in the “EmailMessagePublisherPage” schema and has the “Recipient” name https://prnt.sc/qoni6a

 If you have any further question, please contact technical support.

Best regards,


do you mean like this?

if I'm right, check "AccountMiniPage" Enrichment package and "CompaniesListHelper" for example.

Hi again,

First solution was not enought because i need click on lookup button and search again same text.

Second solution was my thought to, but afraid complexity of modification. But finally decided to go this way and it's works perfect.

Thank You

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