A few questions on this topic:

1. Can you configure global search to affect how many objects it searches? For example, if we only want to search knowledge base, could we prevent the global search from looking through other objects? We have many records in cases with lots of columns, currently the global search spins for a minute or more before the results finally load.

2. Can you configure the criteria for the matching results? For example, right now the search will return words that have three letters in the same order as what we searched. If I search "Compliance Connect", I get lots of results like "Concatenate", "Select", "Correctly"

3. Is there any good documentation that helps to explain ALL the possible ways you can configure the global search functionality? Or is there any documentation that explains how global search finds results?

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Dear Mitch, 

1. Unfortunately, you can't configure that in the global search, you can use regular filter in the section if you want to search record in a particular section or choose which section records to display in the section menu (http://prntscr.com/q4ti9f)
2. There are several built-in configurations of Global search: 3-letter search, 2-letter search and a full word search. Unfortunately, if you are using cloud version the only way to change the configuration is to send a letter to the creatio support (support@creatio.com). If you are using on-site version here is an academy page on setting up global search:
3.Here are academy pages on global search: 

Best regards,

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