Troubleshooting Schema Generation as well as compilation

Hi all, 

We have sometimes issues with schema generation and/or compilation.

When we update the system (for example 8.0.0 to 8.0.1) , we can easily find the logs related to generating schemas in the update logs.

But when in "normal conditions", which logs (log names) both in the web app and in the logs folders on Windows should we looking at (to follow progress, to identify any issues) when:

1. Generating schemas
2. Compiling

Any other way to (console debug) to troubleshoot these 2 scenarios ?


Thanks for your tips !



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Thanks for reaching out. 


To troubleshoot the issues, compilation logs can be found in application logs. In order to get it, please restore it and review the logs list.


Please let us know whether additional questions arise. 


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Hi Anastasiia,

Could you share the full list of of possible application logs files names pertaining to:

1) Schema generation

2) Compilations

So that we know exactly which files we need to examine for any troubleshooting.

Thank you,


Dear Damien,


Thanks for your question.


All needed application logs for shema generation and compilation can be found in the folder C:\Windows\Temp\Creatio folder. You need to restore the logs and make the following query for your list:


PostgreSQL: Select * from "tablename" where "Logger"='Build' order by "Date" desc limit 200


MSSQL: Select top 200 * from "tablename" (nolock) where Logger"='Build' order by "Date" desc


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Anastasiia Marushenko,


Yes we know we can find all the application logs in that folder.


There are multiple different logs. Concerning schema generation and compilation, we have find a couple different ones showing up in the past, not always all of them, which sometimes show up after quite a while of generating, and it's hard to say if we need to let the system running or if the system is just stuck...


Please let me reiterate the question: ..... Could you share two full list of of possible application logs file names [for all 3 DBs : MSSQL, PostgreSQL & Oracle] pertaining to:

1. Schema Generation (for example if you just click on "Generate all schemas") and

2. Compilation (if you click on "Compile all")


Thank you for the SQL scripts: 

1) Can you share the script for Oracle ?


(yes, their is a 3rd database that you support.. and if not possible to do it with Oracle,  indicate specifically that there no script possible. We never know if it is not possible with Oracle, if you forget to provide the information, the latter happens more often)

2) I can be mistaken here: doesn't the table the "build" only show "compilation" information, not schema generation ? For example, if we only do a schema generation (no compilation), will we find information there ?

Thank you,


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