Trigger an event when opening a tab in an edit page

Hi Community,


I need to trigger an event when opening a tab in an edit page.


For example in account page, when user clicks on "Contacts" tab, i will trigger a custom method. Is there any OOB method which I can override to handle this event. Any idea please?



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Hello Fulgen,

In the BasePageV2 you can find the method activeTabChange, it triggers every time you change the tab and you can override it on any [Object]PageV2:

activeTabChange: function(activeTab) {
				console.log("Hello World");


Thanks Dmytro,

One more thing, I've noticed this code (var tabName = this.get("ActiveTabName");) is giving the previous active tab not the current one. How can I get the name of currently selected tab? 

Take a look at the argument activeTab. Inside it, you can find information about a new tab.


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