Is there any merge API?

Is there any API for merging objects from a remote service?

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Dear Van Ly,


You can use OData 4 to UPSERT data (update the record if exists and insert if not exists). Just execute PATCH request and specify record Id. You can find more details on OData v4 here:


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Angela Reyes,

What you mentioned is for inserting/updating object. Merging is quite different as it will also update all references to the merged object, and then remove duplicated object.

Van Ly,

Unfortunately, we do not have any examples of how this can be done via API. You may use this add-on instead or run it via API:


Best regards,


Angela Reyes,


I see this add-on is just for merging contacts, is there anything for accounts?

Chani Karel, 

Unfortunately, there are no add-on's for automatic merging or records in Account section at the moment. Instead, you can file a request to our support for development consultation to create such functionality on your site. 

Best Regards, 


Yurii Sokil,

What about contacts? I see now that the link that's here above

is no longer accessible. I get 'You are not authorized to access this page.'.

Is that only me or that add-on is no longer exist? 

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