Section wizard page editor not showing page content correctly

Hi. I am having the issue of page Tabs, Field Groups not showing correctly in the section wizard edit mode.

I've had this problems many times. But what is causing this issue?

I'm using the english language (I have not changed language on this environment) on a demo environment with system admin role.

I believe there is a bug causing this. This is the HTML

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Dear Julius,

It seems like the section object did not save the changes correctly. Try to do the following:

1. Go to the system configurations in the advanced settings. 

2. Update the database structure 

3. Generate the source code for all items

4. Compile all items.

It may take some time to perform the last 3 steps. Once you are done, try to clear your browser cache and see if the issue is resolved. If the captions are still missing, please approach our support team via so that we could investigate this problem in your particular environment.

Best regards,


It works. Thanks Dean!

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