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I have installed Creatio bank sales locally. In that, I am trying to register in a creatio portal. I have opened the portal registration form and have filled all the details. But, I am getting an error after clicking the Register button. Here, I am attaching the error message screenshot below. Please have a look and provide your valuable suggestions. 
I have used the below URL to open the portal page:
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Hello Nagamani,


Seems that you haven't performed self-registration setup properly for your application. Please double-check everything using this Creatio Academy article, especially the system setting with "SSPRegistrationMailbox" code.


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Oscar Dylan,

Okay, I will read the provided article. Can you please tell me the below thing? 

    <add key="SspUserRegistrationLicPackage" value ="LicPackageName" />
In the above line, what I have to give as a value in place of " LicPackageName"?


Nagamani Dangeti,


it should be the name of the portal license assigned to the user who is self-registered on the portal. Like "creatio customer portal on-site"

Oscar Dylan,

I didn't get you. Can you please explain a little bit clearer?

Oscar Dylan,


I am modifying the code in Web.config file and added the below line to that file. 
    <add key="SspUserRegistrationLicPackage" value =".............." />
But, I didn't understand what value I need to put in the value field?

Oscar Dylan,

I didn't get any licenses for the SysPortalConnection user in my instance. I am attaching the screenshot below here. Please have a look and provide your suggestions.

Oscar Dylan,

Please provide a  solution as soon as possible. It is a high priority task for us.

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