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Dear mates,

In the case designer, i ve a process which launch a process which open a mail with a proposal for a contact.


Sub Process:

The case designer:

when the email is send, i would like to go to the next stage (Proposition Envoyée).

The Problem is that when the user select a model in the email panel, it saves the email and the process goto "Proposition envoyée" which change the section stage.


i would like to go to the next stage onlyt when the mail is send.

how could i do that ?


Thank you,



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Hello Nicolas,


There are several ways to achieve your task and the easiest way to do that is to do the following: in the "Open edit page" element of your sub-process modify the "When is the element considered complete?" parameter value to the "If the record matches conditions" and specify that the activity status (status) should be completed:

The problem in your case is that the "Open edit page" element is considered to be completed once you specify any changes and save the record, but not when the activity itself is completed (the email is sent) because the value for the "When is the element considered complete?" parameter by default is "Immediately after saving the record" and as a result each time you specify any changes to the activity it is being saved and the edit page considered to be completed and the process continues its execution.


Best regards,




Oscar Dylan,

Thank you Oscar, it solved my problem !


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