Namespace issue at business process



May I know why is the errors despite already included the namespace at "Using" section of the Methods of the business process?


Your help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



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I tested the code in this same example and it compiled successfully in version 8.0.10. It might help to try re-generating source code for all items and recompiling all items one time to clear out any configuration issues.

Unfortunately, I've retried multiple recompilation and it was not successful. Anybody has any idea?



FYI, the version I am using is which fails to compile.

I have tried on version 7.18.3, it was able to compile successfully.

Not sure whether is it due to version 8.1 not being able to support it?

Hello, if the package where the process is located is a compile-into-separate-assembly-package, it should have an explicit reference to a CrtBase package (where MsgChannelUtilities is located)

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