How to use a value from a section quick filter on other filter?

Hi Community,

I've this situation where I need to get the value from a section quick filter and use it on another filter. For example, I've two quick filters one for the Accounts and other for Contacts. I want to filter the Contact Filter values based on the Account I've selected.

In other words, if the Account is "Teste1", my Contact Filter should return all the Contacts that belong to the "Teste1" Account.


Any sugestion on how to achieve this?


Thanks in Advance.


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Pedro Pinheiro

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Hi Pedro,


The logic of the drop-down list forming in the quick filter is stored in the CustomFilterViewModelV2 model inside the getLookupValueColumnList function. Your question cannot be solved easily since there is a need to override the module method logic completely and it's not recommended to do. I will create a problem for our R&D team so they could develop the logic of filtering the drop-down result of one filter condition based on the value of another filter condition.


Thank you for the idea and helping us in making the application better!


Best regards,


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