Hide past sales colleagues from opportunites owner filtering list

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Does any idea how it would be possible to hide past colleagues from the owners list when filtering on opportunites ?

(version 17.18.2)

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Dear Damien,


Thank you for your question!

The best way to accomplish the [Hide] option is to use certain Business Rules.


You may find more on this here:



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@Danyil :  Thanks for helping out :)

What I mean is that it is showing all users of the system - active and non active licences on the opportunity list - not on the page of a specific opportunity - how do I filter those to a specific group "active" group - such as sales people for example, so that we do not get our marketing or operations or non-active people showing up ?


Am I not mistaken that business rules work on the individual opportunity page itself, not the section ?


Damien Collot,




This logic of filtration is specified in the filters property of the lookupListConfig of the "Owner" attribute on the BaseOpportunityPage:

So in case you need to modify this filter you need to either replace the OpportunityPageV2 in the Custom package (and specify this attribute in the replaced schema) and specify new filtration for the attribute or you can override  getOwnerFilter method from the PartnersOwnerMixin and add additional filtration by disabled\enabled system user. Here is also an example of the filtration based on the attribute value: https://community.creatio.com/questions/lookup-filtering-distinct-values


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