Export Change Log to excel

Hi Community,


I've setup a change log on a custom object, but now I would need to treat this data and do some analysis.


Is there any possibility to do this?


Can I do it via SQL, which is the object to export?




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Hello Luis,


Unfortunately, there is no possibility to export data directly from the Changelog object at the moment.

We have already registered the project for our R&D team to review the possibility of implementing an export feature for the Changelog data. 


This information is stored in the Sys[object name]Log table. Here is an example of the query (PostgreSQL): 

If you need more consultation on the scripts, please contact your manager who will assist you on this matter.


Best regards, 


Hi Anastasiia,


Thanks unfortunatly I cannot see the image with the sample sql.


But my custom object is named imdExpedicaoContinental


Does this mean that the log is created on a new object named:


I cannot find it in my site, although the log is allready active and generating records




Hi Luis, 

The script on the screenshot was a simple select query:
SELECT * FROM Sys[ObjectName]Log 

As for your question, please try to use Postgre syntax in case if you DB is PostgreSQL. The object name you are selecting from should be then SysimdExpedicaoContinentalLog

Thank you. 

Hi Roman,


I've tried to run the query and I'm getting an error that I believe it is because the object does no exist:


Npgsql.PostgresException (0x80004005): 42P01: relation "sysimdexpedicaocontinentallog" does not exist
at Npgsql.NpgsqlConnector.d__157.MoveNext()


and in fact when I look for the object I cannot find it.




Hi Roman,


I've revisited this post and I can confirm that the query works, I believe it was a syntax error from my side, I missed some upper case letters, with this query I can get the results:
SELECT * FROM "SysimdExpedicaoContinentalLog"




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