Error in Script in business process for reading multiple records


I tried the script task to read multiple records as below:

EntityCollection entities = Get("MyEntity");

var result = new Collection();

foreach(Entity entity in entities) {

                var productName = entity.GetTypedColumnValue("Name");

                string temp = productName.ToString();



string displayValue = result.ConcatIfNotEmpty(",");

Set("UsrLatestOrderProduct", displayValue);

return true;

But, here I'm getting below errors:

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Dear Riddhi,


The issue happened due to the incorrect using of generic methods (Get<T> and GetTypedColumnValue<TResult>) and generic type (Collection<T>). In order to resolve the issue you should add the type argument for every generic construction in the code. Please see the example of the code:


EntityCollection entities = Get<type>(“MyEntity”);

var result = new Collection<type>();

var productName = entity.GetTypedColumnValue<string>(“Name”);


Please find additional information in the article by the link below:


Best regards,


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