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hello, I am installing global search service on eks cluster using your helmchart, and getting this error on web-api service 

2024-03-04 07:56:41,493 [1] ERROR: ServiceStack.ConfigurationErrorsException: ServiceStack: AppHost does not exist or has not been initialized. Make sure you have created an AppHost and started it with 'new AppHost().Init();' in your Global.asax Application_Start() or alternative Application StartUp

at ServiceStack.HostContext.AssertAppHost() in C:\BuildAgent\work\3481147c480f4a2f\src\ServiceStack\HostContext.cs:line 32

at Cloud.Db.ExtensionHelper.TryOpenDbConnection(IDbConnectionFactory source) in /app/Ref/Cloud.Db/ExtensionHelper.cs:line 80

at GlobalSearch.WebApp.GlobalSearchOnSiteDbInitializer.InitDatabase(IDbConnectionFactory dbConnectionFactory) in /app/Src/GlobalSearch.WebApp/GlobalSearchOnSiteDbInitializer.cs:line 47

at GlobalSearch.WebApp.GlobalSearchOnSiteDbInitializer.InitDbOnSite(IDbConnectionFactory dbConnectionFactory) in /app/Src/GlobalSearch.WebApp/GlobalSearchOnSiteDbInitializer.cs:line 100

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Based on the error, it seems there is an issue with connecting to the database server of the global search. Please ensure that all pods (especially posttgre-stage-0) are running and accessible from other pods of the microservice.


You can check the status of the pods using the command:

kubectl get pods

Or through the Kubernetes interface.

If the problem persists, please reach out to our support team at -


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Pavlo Sokil,

thank you, it was problem with access to postgresql, I had to add certificate for rds database and sslmode

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