Compare schema changes between packages

I delivered a package to customer. Now there is an issue and I see that the object is modified in Custom package. How can I check the difference between the object schema in Custom package with the parent package?

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Hi Van Ly, 

Could you please elaborate a bit on what exact differences you want to check for? In the "Custom" package you cannot change the schema of the object in another package, you can only expand/override it. 




I know it's not technically change the schema of the object in other package. It override the schema, and "changes" are applied to the "generated object schema" (or whatever you name it, the final schema, the real schema,...). I would like to know exactly what "changes" that the package's object schema tried to override the parent one. For example, change the permission settings, or change the name, or enable index of some columns, or change the default value of the column,...

Van Ly,

You can basically check the object in the package "Custom" and all the changes will be displayed there: 

1. Added columns are displayed under "Columns", the columns from parent objects are displayed under "Inherited Columns" 

2. Only indexes created in that object are displayed.

3. You can click "Edit Process" to check if any Entity Event Listeners were added. 


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Sometime the object permission is updated, the schema also created in Custom package. I think that I have to open both schema and compare them.

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