Business process on Object: delete start point


Verison 7.18.3. We have process build on object:

In this procees there is a start poin tthat is no longer needed, but I do not see a possibility to delete it (I was able to delete related Script taks though) :

I tried to deactivate Event taht was catched in this start point - but that didn't remove the start point itself.

Please, advice how to remove this element? 


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Thank you for your question!


It can be deactivated in object settings in tab 'events':

Just unclick the element you no longer need.


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Anastasiia Lazurenko,

thanks, but I actually did that already (see my original message: "

I tried to deactivate Event taht was catched in this start point - but that didn't remove the start point itself." ). This Event is not trigered, but start poin in Processs is still there

What did I do wrong there? 


Юлія Дяків,




Thank you for the information!


In this case the best way to resolve this is to:

1. Try changing the Start Signal by clicking the Gear button and to see if this helps deleting it;

2. If this won`t help, the fastest and the most convenient solution would be creating a new Business Process copying the Diagram and the settings of this Business Process.

Please make sure to deactivate this current process after you create a new one from scratch (copying it may result in the same error)


Hope this helps!


Thank you!





Danyil Onoprienko,

thank you. 

Changing the Start Signal didn't help to delete it, unfortunatelly.

As for the solution describd in 2. it could work, but isn't the best approach: in case process is big, with a lot of elements, such "cope-paste" could lead to mistake, and needs extencive testing aftervards.

Best regards, Iuliia



Thank you for your patience.


We have confirmed that this is an out-of-the-box behavior of an Entity (event) sub-process. You can delete the whole box itself, but not the start-element within it:


There is no way of deleting the start element in this Event sub-process.


Hope this  clarifies!





Danyil Onoprienko,

thank you so much for clarification. This seems to ne unnecessary limitation to my view, but you surelly have a reason for such behaviour so we will keep that in mind. Thanks again!

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