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There are a few questions that I have around the Web Service Components of BPM'Online(Global Search, Machine Learning, Bulk Email, etc). I would be immensely grateful for any help that I can get here.

1) There is a generic mention of Docker and Kubernetes in Software Requirements on the server-side (PFB the screenshot). Is this specific  only to Global Search, Bulk Duplicate Search and ML Service components and not to the main application components? If yes, wouldn't Docker and Kubernetes become optional software components as these services are themselves optional services? Please validate.

2) Are the Bulk Email and Data Enrichment services available on cloud only? If yes, do they also store state information about the application that is requesting these services? For example, there could be customers with on-premise BPM'Online instances and stringent security requirements who wouldn't want their data to reside on cloud. How do we handle such scenarios? On an other note, can these services be setup on-premise?

3) Conversely, do the global search, bulk duplicate search and ML services always need to be setup on-premise for an on-premise application? In other words, can an on-premise solution use a cloud version of these services and thus not needing a complicated setup for the same on premise? If yes, what are the parameters that help decide on-premise vs cloud fitment for these services?

4) Are the containerization requirements listed at the below link needed only for the setup of Global search, bulk deduplicate search and ML services, as the data enrichment and bulk email service seem to be cloud services only?


5) The containerization requirements from the link above give recommendations on the configuration of Kubernetes masters, nodes and loadbalancers. Is this recommendation per service(like global search, ML, service, etc) or is it for all applicable services? In other words, do we have to replicate the same setup of masters, nodes and loadbalancers for each service that we setup or can we have just one unit of masters, nodes and loadbalancers for all services?

6) I assume that each component of each service(like the gs-web-api of the global search service) needs to be installed as a docker container on a kubernetes node through a deployment that is managed through a kubernetes master. Please validate.

7) I have a requirement to build an on-premise BPM'Online application using the Sales module for 2500 users in production. BPM'Online is just one component in a large enterprise architecture containing many different applications. They also have strict data security requirements. The Global Search, Bulk Deduplication and Bulk Email services also need to be used for this implementation. What is the recommendation for each of these services from a deployment standpoint (on-premise vs cloud)? If it is on-premise, would you recommend Docker Enterprise Edition over the Community Edition? Does usage of Kubernetes involve any cost?


Thanks in advance...

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Please see all answers below: 

1) Those components are optional and required only if you want to use services like Global Search

2) Bulk emails cannot be deployed locally client can only connect to our services, data enrichment- can be deployed or system can be connected to our services. There are several options, so if you need more details I recommend you to contact support team directly.

3) They need to be set up on premise. There is an option to connect to cloud services, but it is not available for global search. Parameters are cost+secure policies since on-premise instance must be opened for our services.

4) Those are requirements needed for all services mentioned in the article if you decide to host them on your services. Bulk emails cannot be deployed locally thought.

5) It is up to the system administrator - we do not have recommendations for deployment as it fully depends on customer.

6) Indeed it is

7) It is also up to the client since both deployment methods have their pros and cons and it is up to  the client what is more important for him. As for the docker and Kubernetes - since it is not bpm'online product we do not have any recommendations for it.

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