Adding a new field in the object responsible the Attachments and making the Attachments Detail Editable.

Hi Community,


we have this situation, where we need to classify each row of our attachments detail with a lookup value that we have created previously.


For example, in our custom object Quote we have an Attachment detail that receives two types of Attachments one called "Proposta" and the other called "Orçamento".


The following screenshot shows the LinkPageV2 with the lookup we have created.


In order to implement this we've created two replacing objects, one for the object File with the lookup field we've created previously and the other QuoteFile that calls this "new version" of our File, as you can see in the screenshot bellow.


We want to know if this is the correct way to add a new field in the object responsible for the Quote Attachments.


After we implemented this field, we need the user to classify each of the added attachments in the detail. So we tried to add on our Attachment detail an editable list like this…, but the logic we did cannot find the columns of our detail. Any idea on how to achieve this, create a editable list for the attachments detail?


Thanks in Advance.


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Pedro Pinheiro


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Dear Pedro,


1) I am not sure why you needed 2 different objects there - you could just use File object created by the system and add new lookups in in

2) If you have more than 1 attachments detail in the page system will not work as expected as currently 2 same details on one page are not supported. Try to remove extra detail. 


Best regards,

Hi Angela Reyes,


I did what you've said in 1) and 2), now I have one replacing object for "QuoteFile" and one attachment detail inside the page. Both solutions fixed part of the problems but I'm getting this new error when I tried to edit the line in my detail.


This first screenshot shows the editable list that I added in the attachments detail, as you can see the buttons are not appearing in the blue rectangle.


The screenshot bellow shows the errors that I'm getting when I try to edit one of the fields in the editable list.


To implement the editable list in my "FileDetailV2" I simply follow this guide….


Any idea on how to fix this errors that are appearing now?


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

Pedro Pinheiro


Pedro Pinheiro,

It is hard to locate the source of the issue without debugging. Try to debug this code to find what property system cannot find and where it is expecting it to determine what causes the error. 


Best regards,

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