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How do you make a link (string field) a hyperlink in a mini-page? It is displayed as a label (https://academy.creatio.com/api/jscoreapi/7.15.0/index.html#!/api/Terra…) but there is no "showValueAsLink" property like in a text field in a page.

And how can I create a field that has the same behaviour as the email field in the default contact page? I have a "linkedin" field that I need to sync with the communication option (which has a linkedin field added under "website") and I need to sync it with the same behaviour as the email field (which takes the main email in the communication option, automatically adds a new email or updates it etc.).


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Hi Julien,


As for your first question - it's not clear which string-link field on the mini page you are refering to. I hope this community post where a similar question was asked will be useful - https://community.creatio.com/questions/convert-text-field-hyperlink.


As for your second question - the logic behind the email column is stored in the BaseCommunication and ContactCommunication objects in the Base package (processes on these objects). You need to study how the logic is declared there.


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