Register Custom Dashboard Type

I have a 'new' dashboard type (just a copy of the Sales Pipeline (OpportunityFunnelChart) with a couple display changes, since it doesn't allow a replacing module) that I'd like to register in this menu so I can add it to pages.

Which section or database table does this list draw from?

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Hello Darian,

Such task is very ambitious. Unfortunately, there is no detailed implementation guide, anyway, you can implement your own idea by analogy.

The functionality that is responsible for building new chart lays in "DashboardDesigner" schema. You should debug it via devtools to understand how it works.

Each button has a caption which is located in "DashboardDesignerResources" schema.




Cor, that's a mess in there, and nigh everything forbids replacing modules to boot.  Really not a customization-friendly part of the software; should be a five-minute task and instead it'd be hours.  I had an easier time messing with the internals of the email templates.


Thanks for the pointer, anyway.

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