how do we show the detail records mapped with the lookup present in the section o the real time basis

Hello Team,

I have a requirement that I need solution for.

Is there any possibility to populate the detail having same lookup field value as that of this record as soon as the lookup value is populated and thee record  is still not saved i.e. whenever I click on new and fill a value in a perticular lookup than all the records having the same lookup value should show in self-detail(detail of its own section) without clicking on the save button.

If any body knows solution to this problem then please let me know 


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That sounds like something you'd have to implement with code, as it's a bit of a specific requirement to have them showing as being updated before you've actually saved the parent record. Something using the HandleViewModelAttributeChangeRequest handler, which fires every time you change a field value including lookups. You'd probably have to deal with all the records becoming seen as edited by Creatio though, and the code to modify the visible records wouldn't modify the ones that hadn't yet been loaded but are still associated with the parent record, so it seems like there are quite a few pitfalls of doing this to watch out for.


If you're updating every child record anyway, is there a reason for storing this value on the child records as well? Seems like it could just be used by the reference that exists on the child entity to the parent, using Creatio's related entity stepping ability when showing/using fields?

Is there any possibility that you can provide a sample code for resolving above issue?

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