How can I override a method in the base package

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There is a ActivityFile Event Listener is defined a base package and they have defined a validation method in private. Now I have to change that validation as per request.

But I cannot override that method as it is declared private or cannot change the base class definition. what could be done here?

Is there any recommended way to change the base package definition and send the same changes to PROD? 

public class GlbActivityFileEventListener : BaseEntityEventListener
private bool isNeedValidation(Entity entity){
public override void OnUpdated(object sender, EntityAfterEventArgs e){
base.OnUpdated(sender, e);
if (isNeedValidation(entity)){


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GlbActivityFileEventListener is not an out-of-the-box class. You need to contact the author of this class and ask them to apply changes into the isNeedValidation method if needed since you won't be able to override a private method in the child class.

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