Can I pass the Object name as parameter to the function in C# script task?

For instance, I've crafted a function to generate a contact:


void InsertContact(string contactName) {
   UserConnection userConnection = Get("UserConnection");

   contactName = contactName ?? "Unknown contact";

   var ins = new Insert(userConnection)
       .Set("Name", Column.Parameter(contactName))
       .Set("JobTitle", Column.Parameter("Consultant"))
       .Set("Notes", Column.Parameter("C# Script Test"));


   var affectedRows = ins.Execute();


However, I desire the function to be more versatile:

void InsertObject(string contactName, string ObjectName, var Object) {

   UserConnection userConnection = Get("UserConnection");


   // Generate a query dynamically using Object Name, Contact Object Columns, and Values

   var ins = new Insert(userConnection)
       .Set(Object["key"], Column.Parameter(Object["value"]));


   var affectedRows = ins.Execute();

This enhanced function can be dynamically utilized within the Script Element.


Is it possible to create the dynamic functions in Creatio like this?


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Hello, Ajay!

You can implement any logic with the code in the Creatio configuration, and any realization in C# is supported. Your code example looks logical and you can add it to the script task in business process, for example. 
More information about Script tasks:

Back-end (C#) development basics:

Also, you can register a background operation by following this article and use it in any part of application:

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