Section approval issue

hi all 

when i go to section wizard to enable approvals it gives me this issue in this screenshot 

and when i go to advanced setting i see this 

when i make update database structure it gives me this error 

how can i solve this ?


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Hello Ibrahim,


Hope you're doing well.


It seems there the DB structure was not updated due to the fact that the object table (where you were trying to add the approvals function) contained records in which the IbraStatusLookup field is not empty, while the IbraStatusLookup lookup itself is empty, and this led to a database level conflict.

So to solve the issue we recommend to do next:


1. Generate the source code for the object where you were trying to add the approval function + for the IbraStatusLookup object.
2. Update the DB structure.
3. Compile/Publish objects.


Best regards,


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