How Highlight a record in Mobile

Hi Community,

Currently we are able to highlight a record in CRM using this link below

Any idea how can we possibly apply the same in mobile application?




Eugene Podkovka,

Thanks Eugene

We need to highlight records based on condition same as like this

prepareResponseCollectionItem: function(item) {
                // Calling the base method.
                item.customStyle = null;
                // Determining the order status.
                var running = item.get("Status");
                //If the status of the order is "In progress", the record style changes.
                if (running.value === OrderConfigurationConstants.Order.OrderStatus.Running) {
                    item.customStyle = {
                        // The text color is white.
                        "color": "white",
                        // The background color is green.
                        "background": "#8ecb60"

How can I achieve it in mobile application?


Fulgen Ninofranco,

Unfortunately, I don't have examples. Please check the development guide and the article mentioned in the post above.

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